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Friday, November 30, 2012

Card Jitsu Snow

The original Card Jitsu is one of my favorite games and I've been waiting a long time for Card Jitsu Snow to come out. It should have been released in 2011 since Card Jitsu came out in 2008. This is what the Dojo looked like during the party.

Card Jitsu Fire came out the next year and Card Jitsu Water came out in 2010 but Club Penguin has been delaying Card Jitsu Snow's release year after year. Polo Field has already confirmed that it's not coming out in 2012. But I have good news. It's coming out NEXT year in 2013! Spike Hike posted about it on Twitter with a picture of the office where people are working on it.

Are you happy that Card Jitsu Snow finally has an official release date?

Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Emotes Coming Soon!

I was looking closely at the new log off screen on Club Penguin today and it looks like the Brown puffle is making a new emote never seen before!

Everyone else was distracted by the cool ice penguin and failed to notice this. Maybe the emote will be available during the Holiday party. What do you think?

Update: Businesmoose confirmed that the new emote is coming next month on Twitter!

I think I was the first to post about it and I might have even beat Trainman1405! This is great news! Are there any emotes you would like to see on Club Penguin? Tell me in the comments.

Update 12/3: There's ANOTHER emote coming to this year's Holiday Party as well. It's a cookie! Polo Field posted it on the official Club Penguin blog last week:

I love that Club Penguin is finally adding new emotes after years of waiting.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Arctic White and Other Penguin Colors

Arctic White will be coming out sometime this year. Probably in December since November is almost over. Club Penguin normally releases a new color every three years which is a long time to wait. If you're an old penguin like me you might remember the 2009 Color Vote that was advertised in the newspaper.

Some famous Club Penguin Bloggers tried to influence the voting like Mimo777 for Aqua and Saraapril for Lavender which was really unfair. As you know Aqua won the poll and you can buy it in the Penguin Style catalog. I wanted Maroon to win or at least Lavender. We have too many variations of Blue. The worst part was when Mimo had a celebration party for Aqua winning on my 13th birthday! That was when I stopped visiting his blog for a while. Anyway enough about me. What colors would you like to see in Club Penguin? Tell me in the comments and be sure to vote in this week's poll.

Monday, November 19, 2012


According to Club Penguin Wiki all pins from 2006-2008 are rare. Sleet is a popular server for rare penguins. Do you believe in rarity? I know some people think it's annoying. I consider myself rare since I started playing Club Penguin in August 2007 which was five years - half a decade - ago! I would have joined earlier but I got confused by the Membership page and thought you had to pay to make an account and play the game. This is what the Home screen used to look like when I first joined...

Pretty cool right? The rarest item I have is the 2nd Year Party Hat. You can comment or talk in the Chat about your opinions on rarity and rare penguins.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Site Launch Giveaway

Welcome to The Life of Supercuty06. That's me! To celebrate launching this blog I'm giving away a code for the Speed Boat. This is what it looks like:

To win this code you have to be the first to comment the correct answer to the following question: What year did Herbert appear in Club Penguin? Then I will contact you with the code.


Congratulations to Burninghot1 for winning!
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