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Monday, December 31, 2012

My Year in Review 2012 Edition

It's New Year's Eve today so I decided to write about my experiences in Club Penguin this past year. I might do this annually.

The Underwater Party was fun. Rookie came and almost sanked the whole island! I wasn't able to meet him. I wasted days of tracking and it was all for nothing because of people on tracker chats giving false locations and getting off topic. That's why I hate using them. I remember being so mad.

 The Fashion Show was okay. It would be annoying to see it every year though. Rockhopper's Quest was epic! It was the first time we were able to sail with him. There were a ton of free items but they were for members only which is sad. I think this was the first time Club Penguin had two parties in the same month.

 The Puffle Party was awesome! It was so cool to turn into puffles and the costumes were awesome! I also got to meet PH and Saraapril before I started disliking her.

 The April Fools Party was it's usual crazy mess. I mean that in a good way. My favorite place in the Box Dimension was the Stair Room. I finally found Rookie and added him as a friend!

 I'm not a big fan of the Medieval Party. It's just not that interesting to me anymore. It happens every single year. The Scorn plot made it more bearable this year.

 The Marvel Superhero Party got boring after a few days and it lasted way too long. Also there was no point of that whole battle room on top of the _____ when you didn't get anything after defeating the dragon.

 The Ultimate Jam was STUPID! It was a bad idea to get characters from a TV show to become mascots and impossible ones to find/track at that. Plus when I did find them I couldn't add one of them because of the friend list bug! There were some rumors that the real girls sometimes controlled the penguins but I highly doubt that. The only good part about it was the star pins and free items.

 The Temple of Fruit Adventure Party was great! The only thing bad about this month was the Innocent Smoothie promotion. I hate how only people in the UK could get the codes. Plus Smoothie Smash is a ripoff of  Innocent Smoothies. Disney needs to come up with original game concepts.

September 2012

 The Fair this year was the worst EVER! Club Penguin  just brought back old items that I already had, I think I only earned tickets for two things that I wanted. Hopefully, next year's will be better.

October 2012

 I don't even like Halloween but this year's party was the best of all! It was so fun turning into a ghost and scaring people.

November 2012

 I still wish we had Card Jitsu Snow come out instead of Operation Blackout. To see my review of it click here.
December 2012

This month was epic! So many great things happened to me on Club Penguin. My detailed review of the Holiday Party will be posted in a few days.

So this year wasn't the best but it wasn't the worst either. This summer was the worst time for me because of the advertising parties. I hope CP won't do anymore of them. It's really unoriginal and just plain wrong. Instead of recycling other companies ideas, characters, themes, etc. they should just create their own.

How was your past year on Club Penguin?

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tipping the Iceberg

Penguins trying to tip the 'Berg
For as long as I've been playing Club Penguin people have always tried the tip the Iceberg. One of the rumors was that if you succeed Aunt Arctic would come out and give you a rainbow or golden puffle! Right now it's impossible to tip it but Club Penguin has been confirming rumors a lot this year like who the Director is and Card Jitsu Snow coming out.

Do you think we will ever be able to tip the Iceberg?

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas and The Winner Is...

Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope you got great presents. Now it's time for me to reveal who won the Rare Penguin Giveaway. The winner is...


Congratulations Ikk! I'll contact you with the username and password soon.

Friday, December 21, 2012


Pookies in the Pet Shop
Pookies are those annoying people who pretend to be babies on Club Penguin. If you don't like them stay away from the Pet Shop because that's their adoption headquarters. I have no idea how this started but one day a few years ago I went to there to play Puffle Roundup and I saw all these penguins saying stuff like "goo goo ga ga" I was like what the heck is going on. It's so annoying when you go to the Pet Shop to earn coins or buy a real pet and someone wants you to adopt them. I don't understand why anyone would pretend to be a baby. It makes no sense to me.

Do you like Pookies?

Monday, December 17, 2012


Bots aka clones can be seen from time to time on Club Penguin. Mostly on the server Sleet. Creating bots is a form of cheating which is against the Club Penguin rules. At first it was interesting to see them because there weren't many around but now it's getting a little annoying since someone released a program for making bots so they're a lot more common. It turns out there are actually some nice bots on Club Penguin. Last week I was on the server Christmas and there were some nice bots there helping people get stamps.

Bots helping penguins get the Dancing stamps
They even came to people's igloos to help them get likes. Thanks to them I was able to get the medium igloo stamp(you have to have 10 penguins in your igloo)! Now all I need is the extreme one. You need 30 penguins in your igloo to earn it. Maybe I should have a party...

Friendly bots in my igloo

 I took a video of the bots in my igloo. You can watch it by clicking here. In case you're wondering the creator of the bots is named Milllky. She's a really nice penguin for doing this. It's nice to see bots that aren't annoying and are helping people.

Do you think bots should be removed?

Friday, December 14, 2012


Moose Monday 12/10/12
Moose Monday 12/10/12
I talked to a couple of people and they have different opinions on fame. Some believe that it doesn't exist or only mascots and staff (like Billybob, Happy77, etc.) can be famous. Others say it doesn't make any sense to become famous on an online game. I personally don't want to be famous because of the crowding. It's so annoying! If you're famous enough you can wear crazy combinations of items and penguins will still crowd you no matter what! All I want is a good amount of readers and commenters. Being famous isn't that important to me.

Plus, some people take fame way too seriously and it gets to their heads. Then they become arrogant, pompous jerks who only care about showing off and think they're above the rest of us because they're famous and we're not. One person who I talked to said something I completely agree with. Basically, there are three types of famous people. There are the ones who think they're king of the world(like what I mentioned previously), the ones who only talk to other famous people, and the down-to-earth ones who want to feel like they're apart of the Club Penguin community.

Another thing that's really annoying is when people create random CP cheat blogs just because they want to become famous. What's the point? There are probably hundreds of blogs just like that. It's too much competition so they won't get many viewers. Most people only visit famous people's cheat sites anyway so it's a big waste of time to start another one. I wish there was more originality in the Club Penguin blogging community. After a while you get tried of seeing the same content over and over again.

Do you believe in fame? 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Be resourceful, be remarkable, be ready.


Today I will be talking about the differences between the PSA and EPF. I'll start off with a fun fact. You probably already know the EPF stands for Elite Penguin Force but did you know the PSA stands for the Penguin Secret Agency? In my opinion they're equal because the PSA missions were awesome even though it took forever for Club Penguin to release a new one and System Defender is one of the best games CP has ever created. I have all the stamps for it. The EPF weekly missions are kind of boring and Operation Blackout was a partial letdown. The PSA was kind of sexist by only having a few items for boys and nothing at all for girls.

Which do you like better the PSA or the EPF?

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The New Rooms on Club Penguin

If you've been on Club Penguin in the past few days you might have noticed a lot of the rooms are different. Club Penguin finally updated them! This is bittersweet news for me because even though I like the new designs I'll still miss the old Club Penguin which is gone forever now.

The New Dock
The Dock looks nicer. I like the seating arrangement.

The New Town

The Town looks weird with the smaller buildings. How is there no snow in the middle area? Maybe some penguins shoveled it...

The New Snow Forts
I was on Sleet that's why you see some bots. I really like the new snow forts meaning the actual snow forts not the room itself. Not that I don't like the room...You understand right?

The New Plaza
There's a really cool thing about this room. If you move your cursor over the launcher in the Pet Shop a red puffle comes out!

The New Beach
I like the new umbrella. The sand igloo looks cool too.

The New Ski Village
The new tour booth looks nice as well as the ski lift. So that's all of the new rooms. Some of them like the Forest, Underground Pool, etc. Have not been redesigned. Do you want them to be or should Club Penguin just leave it the way it is?

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Operation Blackout Review

Don't get me wrong I loved the idea of Operation Blackout but the party didn't measure up as well as I hoped it would. First let's talk about the good part. It was interesting to see the island covered in snow. Here are some pictures I took:

The Cove
The Snow Forts. I think this is the new design...

It was sad seeing my favorite place snowed in...

But it was fun meeting Herbert. If you can call being around him "fun." The first I met him was on a German server.

I have no idea what this means in English...
 Speaking of meeting mascots more than once I don't think that's fair to other people who have never met them before. That's why I only met Herbert two times once on my main account Supercuty06 and my test penguin. It's really annoying when you see people like Saraapril post about how they met a mascot more than once and hung out with them, and you've never met them at all! Personally, that's made me feel sad and left out before I met all the mascots. Since I know how it feels to track someone for days with no results I try to leave the room after I've met him or her and added them as a friend and then log off the server so other people have a chance. Anyway back to my original topic.

The free items during Operation Blackout were okay, but in my opinion they should have released them everyday instead of every other day. Also what was the whole point of an extra week of the "party" when there's nothing else to do? It's just a waste of time. To me, it wasn't worth a year of waiting. More like six months.

What did you think of Operation Blackout? Did you love it or was it a let down?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The "Holiday" Party

Login Screen during one of the Christmas parties

Please tell me I'm not the only one who's upset that Disney changed the name of the Christmas Party to the Holiday Party back in 2009. Disney claims they changed it so they wouldn't offend people who don't celebrate Christmas. That makes no sense because the decorations are still the same only the name is different. If it was going to be a true "Holiday" party you would need to put up decorations from other holidays like Hanukkah, Kwanza, etc. along with Christmas. I think they're just trying to be politically

Taken from

Sunday, December 2, 2012

I met Wwe Adam on Club Penguin!!!!

Today someone posted on Twitter that Distrocktiv7 and Oreo Summit(semi-famous Club Penguin Bloggers) were on Sleet at the Iceberg so I went there and Wwe Adam comes out of nowhere! In case you don't know he used to be a famous CP Blogger before he quit a few years ago. He rarely logs on. I never thought in a million years that I would meet him. This is one of the best days EVER! I took some photos but I'll show you the video first.

And here are the photos...

Wwe Adam and Distrocktiv7

Me and Wwe Adam
Supercuty06 and Wwe Adam
 Sorry I didn't take many. I was in shock and wasn't thinking straight.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Rare Penguin Christmas Giveaway!

This is more of a contest than a giveaway.
It's officially December, and I've got something for you. I was going to post this on Christmas Day as a surprise but I thought I might as well give you a reason to participate on my blog more. So you heard it right I'm giving away a rare penguin from 2007 as a Christmas present. It's a non-member account and has a few rare items including the 2nd Year Party Hat!!!!

You know you want this so there's only one little thing you have to do. Comment on my posts! The person with the most comments by December 24 aka Christmas Eve wins and I'll email you the username and password! To enter all you have to do is email me at or comment on this post saying you've entered. Let the commenting begin!


Do NOT post spam comments with random nonsense. 
Do post comments that show you actualy read the post and have an opinion about the topic.
Do NOT enter this giveaway if you have a penguin from 2008 or earlier that's not banned.
Do advertise this giveaway (on Twitter, Youtube, etc.) so more people have a chance to win. I will cancel it if less than 10 people enter. You can enter by emailing me at and start commenting on this post and former ones.
Do NOT win this penguin and try to sell it or give it away again. If I find out you did you are banned from all future giveaways on my blog. This penguin should be for your personal use only.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Card Jitsu Snow

The original Card Jitsu is one of my favorite games and I've been waiting a long time for Card Jitsu Snow to come out. It should have been released in 2011 since Card Jitsu came out in 2008. This is what the Dojo looked like during the party.

Card Jitsu Fire came out the next year and Card Jitsu Water came out in 2010 but Club Penguin has been delaying Card Jitsu Snow's release year after year. Polo Field has already confirmed that it's not coming out in 2012. But I have good news. It's coming out NEXT year in 2013! Spike Hike posted about it on Twitter with a picture of the office where people are working on it.

Are you happy that Card Jitsu Snow finally has an official release date?

Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Emotes Coming Soon!

I was looking closely at the new log off screen on Club Penguin today and it looks like the Brown puffle is making a new emote never seen before!

Everyone else was distracted by the cool ice penguin and failed to notice this. Maybe the emote will be available during the Holiday party. What do you think?

Update: Businesmoose confirmed that the new emote is coming next month on Twitter!

I think I was the first to post about it and I might have even beat Trainman1405! This is great news! Are there any emotes you would like to see on Club Penguin? Tell me in the comments.

Update 12/3: There's ANOTHER emote coming to this year's Holiday Party as well. It's a cookie! Polo Field posted it on the official Club Penguin blog last week:

I love that Club Penguin is finally adding new emotes after years of waiting.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Arctic White and Other Penguin Colors

Arctic White will be coming out sometime this year. Probably in December since November is almost over. Club Penguin normally releases a new color every three years which is a long time to wait. If you're an old penguin like me you might remember the 2009 Color Vote that was advertised in the newspaper.

Some famous Club Penguin Bloggers tried to influence the voting like Mimo777 for Aqua and Saraapril for Lavender which was really unfair. As you know Aqua won the poll and you can buy it in the Penguin Style catalog. I wanted Maroon to win or at least Lavender. We have too many variations of Blue. The worst part was when Mimo had a celebration party for Aqua winning on my 13th birthday! That was when I stopped visiting his blog for a while. Anyway enough about me. What colors would you like to see in Club Penguin? Tell me in the comments and be sure to vote in this week's poll.

Monday, November 19, 2012


According to Club Penguin Wiki all pins from 2006-2008 are rare. Sleet is a popular server for rare penguins. Do you believe in rarity? I know some people think it's annoying. I consider myself rare since I started playing Club Penguin in August 2007 which was five years - half a decade - ago! I would have joined earlier but I got confused by the Membership page and thought you had to pay to make an account and play the game. This is what the Home screen used to look like when I first joined...

Pretty cool right? The rarest item I have is the 2nd Year Party Hat. You can comment or talk in the Chat about your opinions on rarity and rare penguins.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Site Launch Giveaway

Welcome to The Life of Supercuty06. That's me! To celebrate launching this blog I'm giving away a code for the Speed Boat. This is what it looks like:

To win this code you have to be the first to comment the correct answer to the following question: What year did Herbert appear in Club Penguin? Then I will contact you with the code.


Congratulations to Burninghot1 for winning!
> Light Purple Pointer