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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Operation Blackout Review

Don't get me wrong I loved the idea of Operation Blackout but the party didn't measure up as well as I hoped it would. First let's talk about the good part. It was interesting to see the island covered in snow. Here are some pictures I took:

The Cove
The Snow Forts. I think this is the new design...

It was sad seeing my favorite place snowed in...

But it was fun meeting Herbert. If you can call being around him "fun." The first I met him was on a German server.

I have no idea what this means in English...
 Speaking of meeting mascots more than once I don't think that's fair to other people who have never met them before. That's why I only met Herbert two times once on my main account Supercuty06 and my test penguin. It's really annoying when you see people like Saraapril post about how they met a mascot more than once and hung out with them, and you've never met them at all! Personally, that's made me feel sad and left out before I met all the mascots. Since I know how it feels to track someone for days with no results I try to leave the room after I've met him or her and added them as a friend and then log off the server so other people have a chance. Anyway back to my original topic.

The free items during Operation Blackout were okay, but in my opinion they should have released them everyday instead of every other day. Also what was the whole point of an extra week of the "party" when there's nothing else to do? It's just a waste of time. To me, it wasn't worth a year of waiting. More like six months.

What did you think of Operation Blackout? Did you love it or was it a let down?


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