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Monday, December 31, 2012

My Year in Review 2012 Edition

It's New Year's Eve today so I decided to write about my experiences in Club Penguin this past year. I might do this annually.

The Underwater Party was fun. Rookie came and almost sanked the whole island! I wasn't able to meet him. I wasted days of tracking and it was all for nothing because of people on tracker chats giving false locations and getting off topic. That's why I hate using them. I remember being so mad.

 The Fashion Show was okay. It would be annoying to see it every year though. Rockhopper's Quest was epic! It was the first time we were able to sail with him. There were a ton of free items but they were for members only which is sad. I think this was the first time Club Penguin had two parties in the same month.

 The Puffle Party was awesome! It was so cool to turn into puffles and the costumes were awesome! I also got to meet PH and Saraapril before I started disliking her.

 The April Fools Party was it's usual crazy mess. I mean that in a good way. My favorite place in the Box Dimension was the Stair Room. I finally found Rookie and added him as a friend!

 I'm not a big fan of the Medieval Party. It's just not that interesting to me anymore. It happens every single year. The Scorn plot made it more bearable this year.

 The Marvel Superhero Party got boring after a few days and it lasted way too long. Also there was no point of that whole battle room on top of the _____ when you didn't get anything after defeating the dragon.

 The Ultimate Jam was STUPID! It was a bad idea to get characters from a TV show to become mascots and impossible ones to find/track at that. Plus when I did find them I couldn't add one of them because of the friend list bug! There were some rumors that the real girls sometimes controlled the penguins but I highly doubt that. The only good part about it was the star pins and free items.

 The Temple of Fruit Adventure Party was great! The only thing bad about this month was the Innocent Smoothie promotion. I hate how only people in the UK could get the codes. Plus Smoothie Smash is a ripoff of  Innocent Smoothies. Disney needs to come up with original game concepts.

September 2012

 The Fair this year was the worst EVER! Club Penguin  just brought back old items that I already had, I think I only earned tickets for two things that I wanted. Hopefully, next year's will be better.

October 2012

 I don't even like Halloween but this year's party was the best of all! It was so fun turning into a ghost and scaring people.

November 2012

 I still wish we had Card Jitsu Snow come out instead of Operation Blackout. To see my review of it click here.
December 2012

This month was epic! So many great things happened to me on Club Penguin. My detailed review of the Holiday Party will be posted in a few days.

So this year wasn't the best but it wasn't the worst either. This summer was the worst time for me because of the advertising parties. I hope CP won't do anymore of them. It's really unoriginal and just plain wrong. Instead of recycling other companies ideas, characters, themes, etc. they should just create their own.

How was your past year on Club Penguin?


  1. I loved this year! Mt favorites: Puffle Party, Rockhoppers Quest, Marvel Superhero Takeover, 7th Anniversary Party, Operation Blackout and Holiday Party!

  2. Loved your review! I agree with the "Ultimate Jam" It was so boring! It was after that party that I stopped playing. I have since quit CP... but you already knew that ;)


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