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Friday, December 14, 2012


Moose Monday 12/10/12
Moose Monday 12/10/12
I talked to a couple of people and they have different opinions on fame. Some believe that it doesn't exist or only mascots and staff (like Billybob, Happy77, etc.) can be famous. Others say it doesn't make any sense to become famous on an online game. I personally don't want to be famous because of the crowding. It's so annoying! If you're famous enough you can wear crazy combinations of items and penguins will still crowd you no matter what! All I want is a good amount of readers and commenters. Being famous isn't that important to me.

Plus, some people take fame way too seriously and it gets to their heads. Then they become arrogant, pompous jerks who only care about showing off and think they're above the rest of us because they're famous and we're not. One person who I talked to said something I completely agree with. Basically, there are three types of famous people. There are the ones who think they're king of the world(like what I mentioned previously), the ones who only talk to other famous people, and the down-to-earth ones who want to feel like they're apart of the Club Penguin community.

Another thing that's really annoying is when people create random CP cheat blogs just because they want to become famous. What's the point? There are probably hundreds of blogs just like that. It's too much competition so they won't get many viewers. Most people only visit famous people's cheat sites anyway so it's a big waste of time to start another one. I wish there was more originality in the Club Penguin blogging community. After a while you get tried of seeing the same content over and over again.

Do you believe in fame? 


  1. I believe in fame for Mascots and Staff. Fame or other CP players doesnt seem right, They are random players like us. :/

  2. I Actually Belive in Club Penguin Fame on Bloggers and others, however, I disagree the way it is actually managed and distirbuted.

    Honestly enough, I think there are some people who don't deserve to be famous because that thing of the king of the world I told you about. Fame should be something that should be used for helping the others around you and guiding them to the correct path, being even more happy than just throwing them at a basket like they were simply machines.

    I fully agree with you. Blogging in Club Penguin has become more of a competition than actual reading, and, one of the projects I want to do is be able to reincorporate the like for reading in the Club Penguin Universe again.

    Because of that lack of reading, I decided to start diferent projects about Club Penguin, including stuff as Central Club Penguin, Club Penguin Soundbook, Penguin RPG and many others.

    And without looking to Cocky, I actually see people that consider me famous, and, I am proud of that. (Evidence:, however, I promised my self never to put anyone in trash, and to defend every single person that likes me, or what I do, I don't want to be "Famous", I want to be on "The Community".

    But, Nice Post :3

  3. I think fame goes with mascots and the CP staff too. Also, the bloggers such as Chrisdog93 and Monchocho are POPULAR, not "famous." There's a difference between "popularity" and "fame" on CP. "Fame" doesn't exactly exist to ordinary CP players, and it's not that worth it online. Real fame is about changing the world positively. Club Penguin is supposed to be about waddling around and meet new friends, not for "fame."

  4. Its the Bloggers. ppl think that the penguins who have blogs and have a Twitter and a Facebook are famous. Well their not famous, their just popular, and you soon might be as popular as them someday, but you cant be famous on Cp. Club Penguin is a virtual world, how can you become famous on a virtual world? So to end it all, no one is famous, their just popular.

  5. I think that 'fame' doesn't exist with the bloggers and such. I believe it only goes along with the mascots and the moderators because they work there and they created the site. I can't think of a word really for the bloggers, but I don't see them as 'famous'.


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