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Monday, December 2, 2013

Shutting Down

After considering the thought for some time I've decided to close my blog. When I first started out it was really fun but over time my love for blogging went away and it wasn't as fulfilling as before. Part of that is because I wanted The Life of Supercuty06 to be where people would come on and comment with their own opinions and start discussions about the various topics I wrote about, but that never really happened. Another reason is I've lost inspiration. Writing reviews isn't easy for me like it used to be. Some of you might have noticed I'm not on Twitter as much as before. Now that I'm a high school graduate and enrolled in cosmetology school it's time for me to move on from blogging and focus more on my future career as a hair stylist which is something I've wanted to do even before I started playing Club Penguin over 6 years ago. I could never completely leave the community so I'll still be on Club Penguin and Twitter occasionally and you can still read all of my past blog posts. These are some of my favorites, Dating, Cyberbullying in the Club Penguin Community, Guide to Being a Water, Snow, and Fire Ninja in Card Jitsu Snow. My domain name is expiring sometime next Spring (I haven't checked the exact month yet) so is the URL that will always work. Remember you're never too old to play Club Penguin. Waddle On!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Golden Puffle Digging

When I first logged on Club Penguin after the Golden puffle was finally released, I was amazed by all the gold.

I immediately went to my igloo, put my rainbow puffle Rania on her leash, and took her out to hunt for nuggets of gold. Eventually, we found 15 nuggets and went to the Mine where I adopted my Golden puffle Sparkle. This is what she looks like.

After a few minutes of digging I found my first item. The Golden Laptop.

I was so excited. Normally when digging with my other puffles I only find coins and since I found an item so fast I assumed gold digging would be different. I was wrong.

For a while, everything was going great. I found  the Golden Lei and the Gold Diva Sunglasses (my new favorite item) and even found Spike Hike puffle digging as well!

All good things must come to an end. Sparkle decided finding treasure is useless and getting coins is more important.I spent the rest of the day looking for gold items to no avail. It's normal puffle digging all over again. None of my usual tricks worked so I quit. On Sunday I had a party on Club Penguin to celebrate relaunching my blog and we all went puffle digging. Long after the party was over I was still digging in the Town trying to get the Gold Mp3000. It's the last gold item I really want. After two and a half hours, I finally found it! This proves you can do anything if you put your mind to it and try hard enough.

What are your thoughts about golden puffle digging?

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Site Relauch and 1 Year Anniversary Party!

Welcome back to my site. Today isn't just relaunch day, but also The Life of Supercuty06's 1 year Anniversary! I decided to change up my theme a little to celebrate. Give me your opinion of it in the comment section. Also I'm hosting a party later today! Be sure to spread the word.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Club Penguin November 2013 Penguin Style Review

This month's Penguin Style is a mix of good and bad clothes depending on your perspective. I always judge based on how they look on the penguin sprite. Don't even get me started on the penguin design. Somehow I feel like it's even worse than before.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

My Penguin Catalog Update

My Penguin was updated with a new exclusive item.

Club Penguin hasn't released any exclusive items for non-members since the app first came out this past May. Hopefully, they will create items for everyone in the future.

Catalog Rating: 9.5/10 check how it looks in game
Do you like the new hoodie?

Monday, November 4, 2013

Friday, November 1, 2013

Secret Fifth Class of the EPF?

In today's newspaper Rookie mentioned something interesting during his interview with Jet Pack Guy (aka JPG for short).

If you take a look at the EPF phone under Gear you'll see that not including normal agents there are four other special classes: Tactical, Comm, Tech, and Stealth.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Interview with Jammer Dj

Things on the island have been slow lately so I decided to interview a fellow Club Penguin player, Jammer Dj, and discover his thoughts on the game.

When did you start playing Club Penguin?

I originally started playing in 2006 but quit shortly after (I was too young). I usually skip that era and go directly to 2010, which is when I joined with Jammer Dj.

What do you like most about the game?

I love the originality the Club Penguin team puts onto everything they make. They totally deserve a pat on the back for their uniqueness!

What do you dislike most?

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Club Penguin's 8th Anniversary

Today is Club Penguin's 8th Anniversary! To celebrate a lot of moderators came online today including Businessmoose, Daffodaily5, and many others. Here are some of the pictures I took.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Club Penguin Birthday Music Video

Polo Field logged on Club Penguin today to record us having fun for Disney's latest music video! I took a lot of pictures and two videos but I'm having issues with Youtube right now so I'll update this post with them later. Here are some of the pictures.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Club Penguin October 2013 Penguin Style Review

October's Penguin Style has a lot of Halloween inspired clothing. I don't celebrate Halloween because I'm Christian, but I'll try my best to give a non biased opinion.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Club Penguin Medieval Party 2013 Review

This year's Medieval Party was released four months late. Normally we have it in May, but it was postponed because of Card Jitsu Snow. I've been to all six parties and this was the best one yet! Club Penguin finally got rid of the Ye Knight Quests and gave us potions to mix and new transformations.

Ogre Size
My favorite potions were Ogre Size, The Vanishing, and Fairy. Hovering and Fleet were not what I expected. I thought one of them would make us fly, but that didn't happen. I'm kind of disappointed.

The Vanishing
Now that I'm thinking about it "The Vanishing" sounds like the title for a horror movie. *insert dramatic music here*

Aren't the fairy wings cute? It's weird that the body is just a circle though. I created a slideshow that shows some of the party rooms and the new emotes. I still don't understand the point of only using them for a certain period of time. That's so pointless.

Anyway here's the slideshow.

The rooms look great. Some of them are brand new. I'm sad the Ski Lodge wasn't decorated though. It used to be my favorite room. Here's a picture of what it used to look like during the Medieval Party.

This is what the Loge Attic was like. I still remember waddling in there for the first time and being so amazed when I was around 11. When you threw a snowball, it would turn into fish food, and tons of fish would start swimming toward it.

Overall, this years Medieval Party was moderately good, but it could've been better. It took 10 days to get the free items. That's almost two weeks! Potions got boring after a while and I don't think it was fair that non-members couldn't transform into anything. Not even a puffle chicken.

Party Rating: 7/10

Did you like this years Medieval Party?

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Club Penguin Series 20 Treasure Book Review

I'm assuming Club Penguin released their new membership cards in select retail stores recently because the Series 20 Treasure Book came out today. Photo credit goes to Club Penguin Space. The only way to gain access to the new Treasure Book is by purchasing one of the new membership cards, which I refuse to do hence why I'm using CPS's pictures. As you can see, the cover has been updated to show newly designed penguins.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Club Penguin Fun Facts

Nothing new has been happening on the island of Club Penguin recently so I decided to post some fun facts* about the game.
  • The Halloween Party was Club Penguin's first official party
  • Billybob's real name is Lane Merrifield.
  • Billybob owns several puffles named: Grouch, Conker, Dude, and Sparky
  • Ninja replaced the retired blogger, Businesmoose.
  • Businesmoose's igloo is decorated to look like Club Penguin's head office.
  • Businesmoose's real name is Johnny Jansen.
  • Rsnail was the first penguin who's name doesn't start with capital letter.
  • Launching Card Jitsu was Rsnail's last project before quitting Club Penguin in 2010. 
  • The Dojo was originally supposed to be air lifted to the Plaza.
  • If you visit Club Penguin HQ in Canada, you can get a code for the Green Viking Helmet.
  • Club Penguin donates 10% of membership revenue to charity.
  • Membership cards were released in retail stores in December 2007.
  • My Penguin hit one million downloads in less than one month.
  • Before October 2008 ninjas were only rumors.
  • Card Jitsu Shadow might be real.
  • The Shamrock Pin was Club Penguin's first pin.
  • Stamps were released on July 26, 2010
  • Aunt Arctic is The Director.
  • Rockhopper brought red puffles to the island.
*Credit to Steve1395, Paul51346, Club Penguin Wiki, and Club Penguin Perspective.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Club Penguin Nameglow

Last night Club Penguin updated the display name. It now has white words with a black outline.

It looks really bad to me. CPPSes* have better nameglow than this. Here's an example.

Play it here
It would better if Club Penguin let you choose what color glow you want or give the option of removing it completly. Only you can see it anyway unlike on CPPSes so it's kind of pointless.

Do you like Club Penguin's new nameglow?

*CPPS stand for Club Penguin Private Server

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Minor My Penguin Update

A few weeks ago Club Penguin updated the Penguin Style catalog on My Penguin with exclusive items.

They are called the Staff of Wonder and the Medieval Cloak. It will be interesting to see what they look like in Club Penguin. The staff looks amazing. I would have posted about this sooner, but I forget all about it. Sorry everyone!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

September 2013 Penguin Style Review

This month's Penguin Style has a medieval theme to celebrate the upcoming Medieval Party that will be here in a few weeks. I'm personally tired of seeing this party every year. It was fun the first 3 billion times. Then, it got boring. Anyway moving on to the review.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Club Penguin Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam Review

The Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam was by far the best party of the year! It didn't even feel like a takeover. You didn't have to complete any long tasks to get the "free" items. Just log in everyday and enjoy the party! Believe me there's a lot to do. This is what first came up when you logged in.

Friday, August 30, 2013

My Penguin 1.2 Review

My Penguin 1.2 has just come out. This is the biggest update ever! There are many brand new graphics, games, and other features. Read on! The new icon hints at the major update. More on that later. When you open the app there's a new background with a noticeboard and igloo. You can also see the Town and Beach.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Birthday Party

Today I had a party on Club Penguin to celebrate my 17th birthday on Thursday. We had a lot of fun in the Pizza Parlor! Comment below if you see your penguin in one of the pictures.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Supercuty06's 17th Birthday Party

In three days on August 22 it will be my 17th birthday. Only one more year until I'm a legal adult! Wow time goes by so fast. I decided to have a party on Club Penguin to celebrate this weekend. You can read all the details here:

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fan Art Contest Results

And the winner of The Life of Supercuty06's first ever Fan Art Contest is... Wait, can I have a drum roll first?

Friday, August 16, 2013

Waddle On Episode 6: Night on Club Penguin & 3D Penguins

Every once in a while I decide to post about current events on the island. Club Penguin's latest episode of their sketch comedy YouTube series, Waddle On came out today. The description mentions a big secret being revealed. You can watch it below.

It has some interesting features in two of the scenes. The first is nighttime! People have been requesting it for a while. There was even a hashtag about it on Twitter - #WeNeedNightOnClubPenguin.

Night is nothing compared to this next sneak peek. 3D penguins! You can't see it in my photo, but in the actual video, if you look in the upper right corner, it says "My Penguin App footage shown." Which means we might be able to play the full version of Club Penguin on iPad and other mobile devices in the future!

What do you think about this news?

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Club Penguin Star Wars Takeover Review

Disney brought Lucasfilm, the company that owned the Star Wars franchise, last year which gave them the rights to "create" this takeover. Personally, I dislike when companies buy each other. Disney is already working on more Star Wars films for the future. The first is set to be released in 2015. Maybe if Club Penguin is still around they'll have another Star Wars takeover to celebrate its release.

Now that I've given you a little back story, let's move on to the actual review. When you first log into Club Penguin during the takeover this epic video introduction came up.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Blog Shoutout: The CP Igloo Reviewer

Today I decided to give a blog shoutout to The CP Igloo Reviewer! It's owned by Woddylan. At first he only posted igloo reviews, but has now expanded to include new pages like the Hall of Fame, Igloo Advice, etc. Be sure to check out this amazing blog by clicking on the link below.

Visit Site:

Monday, August 12, 2013

Polo Field's 10,000 Followers Party

Polo Field came on Fjord to celebrate reaching 10,000 followers on Twitter! I'm so happy for him. Polo's my favorite moderator. Here are some pictures I took of the party. He went to a lot more igloos but I couldn't stay for long.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Spike Saturday

The second I logged into Fog Club Penguin crashed so I was only able to get this one picture.

I hope the rest of you had fun hanging out with Spike Hike even though I wasn't able to. There's always next week.
> Light Purple Pointer