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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Club Penguin Medieval Party 2013 Review

This year's Medieval Party was released four months late. Normally we have it in May, but it was postponed because of Card Jitsu Snow. I've been to all six parties and this was the best one yet! Club Penguin finally got rid of the Ye Knight Quests and gave us potions to mix and new transformations.

Ogre Size
My favorite potions were Ogre Size, The Vanishing, and Fairy. Hovering and Fleet were not what I expected. I thought one of them would make us fly, but that didn't happen. I'm kind of disappointed.

The Vanishing
Now that I'm thinking about it "The Vanishing" sounds like the title for a horror movie. *insert dramatic music here*

Aren't the fairy wings cute? It's weird that the body is just a circle though. I created a slideshow that shows some of the party rooms and the new emotes. I still don't understand the point of only using them for a certain period of time. That's so pointless.

Anyway here's the slideshow.

The rooms look great. Some of them are brand new. I'm sad the Ski Lodge wasn't decorated though. It used to be my favorite room. Here's a picture of what it used to look like during the Medieval Party.

This is what the Loge Attic was like. I still remember waddling in there for the first time and being so amazed when I was around 11. When you threw a snowball, it would turn into fish food, and tons of fish would start swimming toward it.

Overall, this years Medieval Party was moderately good, but it could've been better. It took 10 days to get the free items. That's almost two weeks! Potions got boring after a while and I don't think it was fair that non-members couldn't transform into anything. Not even a puffle chicken.

Party Rating: 7/10

Did you like this years Medieval Party?

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