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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Club Penguin Series 20 Treasure Book Review

I'm assuming Club Penguin released their new membership cards in select retail stores recently because the Series 20 Treasure Book came out today. Photo credit goes to Club Penguin Space. The only way to gain access to the new Treasure Book is by purchasing one of the new membership cards, which I refuse to do hence why I'm using CPS's pictures. As you can see, the cover has been updated to show newly designed penguins.
These are redesigned items from the March 2013 Penguin Style catalog.

The female outfit is from May's Penguin style. The male outfit is from February's Penguin Style.

The female outfit is from January's Penguin Style. The male outfit is from Series 7 of the Treasure Book.

The male outfit is from Treasure Book Series 18. The female outfit is originally from March 2010's Penguin Style. Another version is in Series 17 of the Treasure Book.

The female outfit is from Treasure Book Series 9. The male outfit is from Series 17.

These are the only new items in this Treasure Book, but you could say they were inspired by the items in Series 17.
The Super Exclusives are the same as the ones first found in Series 14 of the Treasure Book.

Puffles have also been redesigned.

Overall, this catalog lacked a lot of originality. Almost all the "new" items are plain, old items from previous Penguin Style catalogs and Treasure Books that have been recolored. All old coin codes are now useless.

If you redeem one you'll be redirected to the old Treasure Book which, in my opinion, is the worst. I know this because I did it myself just a few minutes ago. Club Penguin is getting worse and worse when it comes to designing new items. Plus they're going to make a killing with all this money. My friend, Jempenguin did some math and it turns out if you want to get all the Treasure Book items you would have to buy 8 Three-Month membership cards. At $20 each that gives you a total of approximately $160! That's a lot of money!

Catalog Rating: 7/10

What do you think of the new Treasure Book?

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