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Saturday, September 7, 2013

September 2013 Penguin Style Review

This month's Penguin Style has a medieval theme to celebrate the upcoming Medieval Party that will be here in a few weeks. I'm personally tired of seeing this party every year. It was fun the first 3 billion times. Then, it got boring. Anyway moving on to the review.

There are two new backgrounds featuring a party room of some sort (I'm assuming) and a bakery. I like the soft art style.

This is the only new pages with non-Medieval items. I personal don't like The Classy, but the Back-to-School outfit is nice. I brought it. The only reason I'm not wearing it on Club Penguin right now is because I don't like wearing the same thing as everyone else.
I'm not the warrior type so the only item I brought from this page was The Maiden. I'm planning on wearing it sometime after it loses its popularity.
The King Outfit and the other items on this page are old items. I think they've been around since the very first Medieval Party back in 2008. I was there.
Why I brought The Damsel a while ago I will never know. In my opinion it looks ugly. The Damsel's Dress is  okay though. I brought the Emerald Princess Dress, but The Elfin looks weird to me because of the ears.
No one would buy this outfit...right? The Village "Shoes" don't even look like shoes. We should all give twice as much money to Coins For Change this year so unfortunate penguins don't have to wear these cheap imitations of clothes.
I love the Snow Queen outfit! It's great the queen isn't afraid to use a sword as well. Who else would defend the kingdom if the knights were compromised?
Here we have the Penguins At Work section. This month the Blacksmith is featured which makes sense because they were very useful during medieval times. Back then important things like furniture and weapons were made with metal. I'm done with the history lesson now.

Overall, September's Penguin Style was pretty decent. I'm glad there were a lot more pages then in previous catalogs.

Catalog Rating: 9/10

Did you like this month's Penguin Style?

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