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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Club Penguin Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam Review

The Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam was by far the best party of the year! It didn't even feel like a takeover. You didn't have to complete any long tasks to get the "free" items. Just log in everyday and enjoy the party! Believe me there's a lot to do. This is what first came up when you logged in.

One of the most notable items would have to be the new lei. In my opinion it's really ugly compared to the old ones. Club Penguin should've kept the old design and changed the colors.

You could meet the limited time mascots, Brady and Mckenzie two ways. At Big Momma's Surf Shop every 20 minutes and get a normal background or meet them on the island, which was much harder

because they were barely online, and get an autographed background. Meeting mascots isn't the only fun thing you could do at this party. Club Penguin actually put effort into decorating almost the entire island and a few of the rooms had great features. Check out the water slide at the Stadium!

In certain rooms around Club Penguin you would see something like the photo on the left. Waddle over there and you would be on the Club Penguin highway. I don't have a video of it yet but trust me it's amazing! Hopefully it will become a permanent room because it's a much more fun way to travel around the island and it puts our cars and new motorcycles to good use.

Every few seconds an exit comes up for either the Beach, Town, Plaza, or Cove. You could click in the exit lane to be taken to the room for that exit.

You can't have a beach party without surfing! Here's a video I took of me riding an epic wave in the special animated party room. Note: I would never attempt to surf in real life. That's way too scary.

It's similar to Cacthin' Waves, but without the tricks and competitions. I'm so glad Club Penguin decorated a lot of rooms for the Summer Jam. Below are a few of the best in my opinion..

A few limited time emotes came out at this party: a surfboard, beach ball, and a flower. I'm never going to understand why Club Penguin doesn't keep new emotes forever. All the current ones get a little boring after a while. Overall,this party was amazing! Notice that I've been saying party throughout this post instead of takeover because it doesn't feel like on at all. It was more similar to the parties Club Penguin used to have back when I first joined. You simply log on, get the time, and have fun!

Party Rating: 10/10 (The first perfect rating I've ever given!)

Did you like the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam?

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