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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Interview with Jammer Dj

Things on the island have been slow lately so I decided to interview a fellow Club Penguin player, Jammer Dj, and discover his thoughts on the game.

When did you start playing Club Penguin?

I originally started playing in 2006 but quit shortly after (I was too young). I usually skip that era and go directly to 2010, which is when I joined with Jammer Dj.

What do you like most about the game?

I love the originality the Club Penguin team puts onto everything they make. They totally deserve a pat on the back for their uniqueness!

What do you dislike most?

The fact that some parties come back again and again. Unless they are original ones such as the Holiday Party, they shouldn't really come back. An example is the Marvel Superhero Party.

Who is your favorite mascot?

My favourite mascot is Rockhopper! He was the first mascot I ever met, and I loved him ever since! He's also brought some of the best parties in Club Penguin's history!

What is your favorite mini-game?

My favourite minigame is System Defender. I was addicted to that game when it got released, which was around 2011 if I'm not wrong.

Who is your favorite moderator, past or present, and why?

My favourite moderator? I have to pick between Spike Hike and Billybob; I think that'll be Billybob. He was the first moderator I got to know anyway. But, I need a while to see what Spike Hike is capable of doing, and who knows? He might completely replace Billybob!

If you could change anything in Club Penguin what would it be?

 I think that'd be shortening the parties. They've come to be so long (2 weeks long) when they used to be only 5 to 6 days (back in '10-11

What are your thoughts about the Club Penguin community?

The community in general is incredible. Best community ever! The bad things start in the Twitter CP Community though. I dislike part of it, indeed. But, I'm unable to do something about that!

Do you see yourself quitting Club Penguin in the future, and if so why?

Yes, I will quit in the near future. To be honest, that'll happen because of two things: a. losing interest b. the community starting to tear apart.

Do you have any words of advise for new players?

Be careful what you do, especially in the twitter community: You will be judged and hated, but don't give up! Regarding the game, Nothing important other than  stay up to date with what's happening and open a fan blog. It'll change your experience overall to something much better! More friends, fans at some point, and fun in general! 

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