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Monday, November 4, 2013

Club Penguin Rumors Part 1

Warning there is a huge spoiler after this message. Read at your own risk!
The Golden puffle is coming out this month which inspired my to write about Club Penguin's various rumors. There have been many over the years. Recently, almost all of them have been solved! In my opinion, rumors make Club Penguin a lot more interesting. I can't imagine the island without any mystery. There's no fun in that! Disney should either create new secrets or not revel anymore. Today I'll be talking about some of Club Penguin's past and present rumors.


Since almost the beginning of Club Penguin there were always rumors of ninjas. If you pressed the letter "N" in the Nightclub on Club Penguin's old homepage one would appear.

There are many videos on Youtube that show penguins supposedly becoming ninjas by standing in the Dojo for half an hour. It never works according to the comments. I can't say that from personal experience because I was too lazy to stay in the Dojo for that long. Plus it used to look kinda plain as you can see below.

During 2008's Halloween Party is when things started to get interesting. We had a lightning storm and mysterious shadows of ninjas appeared in the Ski Lodge, Lighthouse, and Dojo. After the party ended, penguins had to repair a hole in the Dojo's roof by digging out all the snow buildup. A gray penguin was seen helping. Around this time more ninja shadows were found every 5 minutes in the Town, HQ, Ski Hill, and Plaza. Eventually the Dojo was renovated and the gray penguin revealed himself to be Sensei and begin training ninjas in Card Jitsu on November 17, 2013.

Card Jitsu Shadow

You can read my post about Card Jitsu Shadow here.

Card Jistu App 

photo credit to Club Penguin Memories
Rumors of a Card Jitu app have been going around since 2011. An image of a Card Jitsu Snow trading card tin was found. It mentioned the Card Jitsu app saying more information about it will be released in the following months which never happened. In 2012 photos of the Card Jitsu app were leaked. You can view them here.

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Earlier this year in April an updated picture was released to the public along with more information.

Club Penguin has been working with the company, Metalab Design to create many of their mobile apps including Card Jitsu which has been in the works for two years. Hopefully it will be released next year.

Tipping the Iceberg

You can read my post about Tipping the Iceberg here.

In Too Deep

Long ago in 2008 Gary created a machine called the Aqua Grabber. It was made to search for treasure in Club Penguin's sea. Many penguins wondered what they could find, but most were too scared to venture into the unknown waters of the Iceberg. One day, a penguin named Quinn decided to take the risk and wanted her friend Magdalena to explore the mysterious territory with her.

"Gary thinks there might be pearls in Clam Waters!" Quinn said. "Are you sure you want to go? No one knows anything about clams! They could have razor sharp claws, or squirt poison, or  clamp you up whole, or—" "Calm down. Gary's smart. He wouldn't ask anyone to go down there if he thought it was dangerous. Stop being such a scaredy-puffle." "I'm sorry I don't want to risk my life to find pointless treasure" Magdalena snapped.

"Fine. I'll go by myself and prove to you it's perfectly safe." "Quinn, I don't know what I would do if something bad happened to you out there!" The tears forming in Magdalena's eyes almost made Quinn turn back. "Don't worry." Quinn said as she hugged Magdalena. I promise I'll be back in a few hours." "Sigh, okay. Watch out for anything suspicious."

Quinn walked over to the Aqua Grabber, pulled the door open, and went inside. Right after she sat down a hologram of Gary appeared and explained how to move the machine using the various levers and buttons. This sounds so easy. I can find 10 pearls in my sleep. After listening to Gary's rambling for a moment her eyes started to close. Just before she fell asleep Gary began talking about what to expect in Clam Waters.

"The natural plant life creates moving air pockets which substantiate for the loss of a limited air supply due to the fact I did not have the equipment needed to create a built in force field. Moschomicrotherium puffleii rosea, commonly know as pink puffles can also form air pockets with their scuba gear. Use caution by not traveling any farther than 500 feet. My calculations suggest a Monstrum lolligo gigas.

Ugh, he sounds like Maggie. It can't be that bad. Gary's holograph finally turned off and Quinn pressed the Start button and the Aqua Grabber came to life. "Treasure here I come!" she shouted while putting the machine in gear and jerking the lever down. The Aqua Grabber sped much faster than Quinn expected.

"AHHHHH!" Quinn frantically tried to bring the lever back up, but slammed into a wall. She panicked and let go of the lever. The machine bounced off the wall and spinned out of control. Soon water was up to her shoulder. What am I going to do! Quinn held her breath and closed her eyes as the water rose up to her nose. Please don't let me die. She felt herself rising to the surface very fast.

The moment she burst threw the water she took a deep breath. "I will never take air for granted again!" After the happiness of being saved wore off, Quinn was upset with herself. "Darn it! I should've paid more attention to Gary's instructions." She took a few deep breaths, shook off her purple feathers, got back into the Aqua Grabber, and tried the lever again much slower.

After a while she was able to move around with ease. Now I can finally look for pearls! Quinn forced herself to be patient and paid attention to her surroundings so she wouldn't crash into any more walls. She noticed how transparent the water was, but all she could see were moving plants that air bubbles came out of. Maybe the calms are farther down.

Eventually Quinn found one. "It's snoring!" she laughed. I knew Maggie was wrong. These are harmless. She waited until the calm opened it's mouth and tried to pull the pearl out, but she got too close. It woke up and clamped it's mouth shut. After a few more tries Quinn got the hang of it and collected many pearls. This is getting boring. I wonder if there's anything else I can find around here.

She looked around until she saw a yellow fish swim toward her. He moved his mouth almost as if he was trying to speak. He looks just like the picture in the Lighthouse. I think his name is Fluffy. Fluffy swam a few feet down and turned around like he was waiting for her. "Maybe he wants to show me something..."

Quinn followed Fluffy in the Aqua Grabber as he lead her deeper into the sea. "This is so exciting! I can't wait to see where he takes me." After a while she noticed the water had turned a darker blue. Fluffy suddenly stopped and sped off. Quinn looked up. "I have no idea where I am. My air will run out in a few minutes. Why did I follow that dumb fish."

All of a sudden the ground started shaking. Quinn grabbed the lever and tried to keep from crashing the Aqua Grabber. She looked down and saw a giant creature a few hundred feet away move below her fast as lightning. "What the heck is that?" As soon as it had started the earthquake stopped. I've got to get out of here!

Quinn searched the control panel. There was an emergency release button here the whole time! She pressed it and launched out of the Calm Waters onto the Iceberg. "It's good to be on the ground!" she said with relief. No more swimming for me today. Quinn purchased a ferry ticket.

"Take me to the main island please." she said to the captain. "Of course, It's the only island there is." said the captain as he laughed. Quinn wasn't so sure. After what she saw that day she knew anything was possible.
That's basically how the rumors of the shadow creature started. It's also been seen in Puffle Rescue leading penguins to the Underwater Room. Maybe by now you've guessed I've been talking about the Giant Squid. Club Penguin released a short cartoon of it battling Rockhopper in 2012.

Rockhopper Island

Rockhopper Island has been a rumor in Club Penguin almost since the game's beginning.

-Mention how Rockhopper found Rockhopper Island.

Back when I first joined Club Penguin people used to think you could stow away on Rockhopper's ship like Bambadee by staying on the Migrator until Club Penguin updated. Nowdays it's common knowledge they kick you off the server to update the rooms.

When people found out about Rockhopper's Quest in 2012 they thought we would finally get to visit the island, but the Club Penguin Team confirmed it wasn't going to happen. Part of the map we used to travel to other islands during the quest is ripped off. Maybe that's where Rockhopper's Island is located.

A while ago Spike Hike asked people on Twitter "What do you guys think is on Rockhopper Island?" which means there's a good chance we might get to travel there in the future. Personally, I think it should be kept a secret.

Rainbow Puffles

You can read my post about Rainbow puffles here.

Hot Pink Puffles

This rumor first started during the 2010 Puffle Party. If you looked at it's logo it showed all of the current puffle colors including Brown and Hot Pink.

True to the logo Brown Puffles were discovered in the wilderness on January 17, 2011. Many people thought Hot Pink puffles would come out next, but in 2012 PH said she hadn't found any new puffle species. In the Puffle Party episode of Get Connected a strangely colored puffle was seen in the background. Pause at 0.10.

Most people commented saying it was Hot Pink but Club Penguin confirmed it wasn't. It's possible it was a red puffle that looked pinkish because of the lighting in the video. Earlier this year Rainbow Puffles were released. Who knows if this mystery will ever be solved.

Blue Crab

He first appeared during the Island Adventure party in 2011 at the Cove every 15-30 minutes. Also if you went to the Hidden Lake at that party you could purchase a blue crab costume. A few days later he was shown in a past login screen during August 2011 as a shadow.

photo credit to Club Penguin Gang
Eventually a detailed image of him popped up in Club Penguin's files. I still can't figure out how to search the files....Oh well.

His identity is still a mystery to this day. I remember a long time ago someone mentioned he could be Kluzy's grandfather. Some people think Club Penguin decided not to make him an official character. I hope that's not true or else we might never know who he really is.

These are just a few of Club Penguin's rumors. There are many others that I chose not to write about right now, but you can find more at the Club Penguin Wiki. Part 2 will expand on Rainbow Puffles, Tipping the Iceberg, and much more!

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