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Monday, December 2, 2013

Shutting Down

After considering the thought for some time I've decided to close my blog. When I first started out it was really fun but over time my love for blogging went away and it wasn't as fulfilling as before. Part of that is because I wanted The Life of Supercuty06 to be where people would come on and comment with their own opinions and start discussions about the various topics I wrote about, but that never really happened. Another reason is I've lost inspiration. Writing reviews isn't easy for me like it used to be. Some of you might have noticed I'm not on Twitter as much as before. Now that I'm a high school graduate and enrolled in cosmetology school it's time for me to move on from blogging and focus more on my future career as a hair stylist which is something I've wanted to do even before I started playing Club Penguin over 6 years ago. I could never completely leave the community so I'll still be on Club Penguin and Twitter occasionally and you can still read all of my past blog posts. These are some of my favorites, Dating, Cyberbullying in the Club Penguin Community, Guide to Being a Water, Snow, and Fire Ninja in Card Jitsu Snow. My domain name is expiring sometime next Spring (I haven't checked the exact month yet) so is the URL that will always work. Remember you're never too old to play Club Penguin. Waddle On!


  1. good to know that, you bitch.

  2. I fully support your decisions to move on but i would just like to say even if im way too late that your the only blogger who knew what she was talking about and the only one i was able to understand,you really deserved success for this blog and you still wouldn't change because of your opinion on fame,i quit club penguin a couple years ago,but after reading your post on the horrible new penguin design i came back,the club penguin world needs more people like you. So as you finish the blog,i would just like to say thank you for being the best blogger i have seen. I hope the best for your future endeavors Supercuty!

    -Best of luck,Jvcyap2001


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