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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Club Penguin Star Wars Takeover Review

Disney brought Lucasfilm, the company that owned the Star Wars franchise, last year which gave them the rights to "create" this takeover. Personally, I dislike when companies buy each other. Disney is already working on more Star Wars films for the future. The first is set to be released in 2015. Maybe if Club Penguin is still around they'll have another Star Wars takeover to celebrate its release.

Now that I've given you a little back story, let's move on to the actual review. When you first log into Club Penguin during the takeover this epic video introduction came up.

The party emotes
All of the items were great, but there should've been more female clothes. One of the items I really like is the Jedi Cloak. It's perfect for wearing over other clothes. The only problem is you can't wear a scarf or necklace with it because it's a neck item. You can't wear two times from the same category at once.

Rooms on the different planets look amazing. Instead of posting one or two like I normally do, I decided to put some of them into a big slideshow

One thing I really like about this takeover is you can battle penguins with your lightsaber. Hopefully this feature will stay after the Star Wars takeover is over.

Defending Tatooine against the Stormtroppers is hard. It took me three tries to beat the bonus level! Why is Club Penguin making party games so complicated these days? They should know kids have lives outside of the internet. Good thing I used a Mac computer because dealing with lag would've made playing impossible.

I found Darth Herbert on the French server, Jour de Neige. He towers over all the penguins! The good part is that his size makes it easier to click on his player card to add him and receive his background even when penguins are crowding him. If you have problems finding mascots I suggest using That's how I found most of them and now I have all the mascot stamps.

The Yamin 4 party game is much more difficult then battling the Stormtroppers. I had to play three times just to beat the FIRST level. This is so ridiculous. Using a computer with high internet speed makes it even harder to play! I beat the first level while using a Windows XP. While trying to beat Level 2 I died less than 5 seconds in the game.

Overall, the Star Wars Takeover was pretty decent. Club Penguin obviously put a lot of work into it designing all the rooms, clothes, etc. In my opinion this was the best takeover they've ever had. If Disney put this much effort into every party Club Penguin would be amazing.

Party Rating: 9/10

Did you like the Star Wars Takeover?

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