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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Be resourceful, be remarkable, be ready.


Today I will be talking about the differences between the PSA and EPF. I'll start off with a fun fact. You probably already know the EPF stands for Elite Penguin Force but did you know the PSA stands for the Penguin Secret Agency? In my opinion they're equal because the PSA missions were awesome even though it took forever for Club Penguin to release a new one and System Defender is one of the best games CP has ever created. I have all the stamps for it. The EPF weekly missions are kind of boring and Operation Blackout was a partial letdown. The PSA was kind of sexist by only having a few items for boys and nothing at all for girls.

Which do you like better the PSA or the EPF?


  1. Nice. I personally prefer the PSA because of how they kept it SECRET. I can guarantee about 95% of the island is a EPF Agent -.-

  2. I prefer the PSA they are more interesting and their mission were good fun

  3. PSA was really cool, I miss the good 'ol days! The FISH was just epic!! :D Missions were really fun too, I really liked the Sports Shop, who needs a PHONE SHOP!? What were you thinking Disney?!

  4. well as you have said the EPF & PSA are both similar however i think this is to hard to answer !


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