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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Rare Penguin Christmas Giveaway!

This is more of a contest than a giveaway.
It's officially December, and I've got something for you. I was going to post this on Christmas Day as a surprise but I thought I might as well give you a reason to participate on my blog more. So you heard it right I'm giving away a rare penguin from 2007 as a Christmas present. It's a non-member account and has a few rare items including the 2nd Year Party Hat!!!!

You know you want this so there's only one little thing you have to do. Comment on my posts! The person with the most comments by December 24 aka Christmas Eve wins and I'll email you the username and password! To enter all you have to do is email me at or comment on this post saying you've entered. Let the commenting begin!


Do NOT post spam comments with random nonsense. 
Do post comments that show you actualy read the post and have an opinion about the topic.
Do NOT enter this giveaway if you have a penguin from 2008 or earlier that's not banned.
Do advertise this giveaway (on Twitter, Youtube, etc.) so more people have a chance to win. I will cancel it if less than 10 people enter. You can enter by emailing me at and start commenting on this post and former ones.
Do NOT win this penguin and try to sell it or give it away again. If I find out you did you are banned from all future giveaways on my blog. This penguin should be for your personal use only.


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