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Friday, November 30, 2012

Card Jitsu Snow

The original Card Jitsu is one of my favorite games and I've been waiting a long time for Card Jitsu Snow to come out. It should have been released in 2011 since Card Jitsu came out in 2008. This is what the Dojo looked like during the party.

Card Jitsu Fire came out the next year and Card Jitsu Water came out in 2010 but Club Penguin has been delaying Card Jitsu Snow's release year after year. Polo Field has already confirmed that it's not coming out in 2012. But I have good news. It's coming out NEXT year in 2013! Spike Hike posted about it on Twitter with a picture of the office where people are working on it.

Are you happy that Card Jitsu Snow finally has an official release date?


  1. Hello. There is some concept art on the Wiki about CJ Snow.

  2. I am very exited about card Jitzu Snow I enjoyed earning all the other belts and suits I hope it comes quite soon in 2013


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