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Sunday, December 9, 2012

The New Rooms on Club Penguin

If you've been on Club Penguin in the past few days you might have noticed a lot of the rooms are different. Club Penguin finally updated them! This is bittersweet news for me because even though I like the new designs I'll still miss the old Club Penguin which is gone forever now.

The New Dock
The Dock looks nicer. I like the seating arrangement.

The New Town

The Town looks weird with the smaller buildings. How is there no snow in the middle area? Maybe some penguins shoveled it...

The New Snow Forts
I was on Sleet that's why you see some bots. I really like the new snow forts meaning the actual snow forts not the room itself. Not that I don't like the room...You understand right?

The New Plaza
There's a really cool thing about this room. If you move your cursor over the launcher in the Pet Shop a red puffle comes out!

The New Beach
I like the new umbrella. The sand igloo looks cool too.

The New Ski Village
The new tour booth looks nice as well as the ski lift. So that's all of the new rooms. Some of them like the Forest, Underground Pool, etc. Have not been redesigned. Do you want them to be or should Club Penguin just leave it the way it is?


  1. I want them to be redesigned. I like the new rooms!

  2. They Should All Be Updated Iove The new More Modern Cp It Is More Practical And Exciting Now

  3. Old rooms and old Club Penguin were cool. New rooms look like Panfu!


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