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Monday, December 17, 2012


Bots aka clones can be seen from time to time on Club Penguin. Mostly on the server Sleet. Creating bots is a form of cheating which is against the Club Penguin rules. At first it was interesting to see them because there weren't many around but now it's getting a little annoying since someone released a program for making bots so they're a lot more common. It turns out there are actually some nice bots on Club Penguin. Last week I was on the server Christmas and there were some nice bots there helping people get stamps.

Bots helping penguins get the Dancing stamps
They even came to people's igloos to help them get likes. Thanks to them I was able to get the medium igloo stamp(you have to have 10 penguins in your igloo)! Now all I need is the extreme one. You need 30 penguins in your igloo to earn it. Maybe I should have a party...

Friendly bots in my igloo

 I took a video of the bots in my igloo. You can watch it by clicking here. In case you're wondering the creator of the bots is named Milllky. She's a really nice penguin for doing this. It's nice to see bots that aren't annoying and are helping people.

Do you think bots should be removed?


  1. Sadly. I know one of the persons that developed a Bot Programm, I won't reveal his name due to privacy.

    I think bots should be removed, well, they could be fun to do some stuff, but people are starting to exagerate on them. So yes, I guess in this case bots should be removed.

    (Although, I would still apreciate a auto-puffle-care bot :L)

  2. I think they should be banned because its against the rules and if others can't do it it's not really fair.

    Also it annoys me when people pester these people because they want to know how to do it and they think there "special". P.S I am pizza1234

  3. The Bots are kinda good in a way, and sometimes entertaining, but on the other hand they are annoying. I think there are just too many of them. And you never know, right now bots cant do anything to your account...... (Bann,Hack, Vandalize, Etc.) But in the future, ppl who develop the programs might find a way to do that. Now would you like bots and clones then if they were able to do that? I sure wouldn't. I doubt clones and bots will be able to do that soon, but still, dont be on the bots side.


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