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About Me

Hi, I'm Supercuty06! I've been playing Club Penguin since August 2007 so I guess that makes me rare. CP has changed a lot since then. There are more games and new mascots. In some ways the changes are good. In other ways not so much...You'll see my opinion about the latest news on the main page. This is my bio:

Days Old: 2,329 days and counting

Penguin Color: Peach it used to be Orange when I first started playing but I gave in to peer pressure. Plus since I was a non-member people thought I was a boy.

Favorite Server: Sleet

Favorite Room: the Ninja Hideout

Rarest Item: 2nd Year Anniversary Hat

Favorite Element: Water

Number of Puffles: 12

Favorite Puffle: Pink because it's my favorite color and they're secret masters of water.

Favorite Mini-Game: Regular Card Jitsu. I remember the Dojo Reopening like it was yesterday...

Favorite Mascot: Tie between Rockhopper and Sensei

Favorite Party: Card Jitsu party

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