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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Puffle Party 2013 Review

This years Puffle Party was okay but it could've been better if Disney had put in more effort. One of my all time favorite rooms is the Iceberg. Pink puffles are my favorite. The Pool is nice too. I love how the black puffles light up the room.
I love the Rooftop! It's the second best new room this year. The Plaza looks crowded with four buildings. In my opinion, the Puffle Hotel shouldn't be permanent.

A lot of the rooms weren't even decorated compared to last year and they all have the old puffle design. The wait time between tasks was RIDICULOUS. It took me 6 days to adopt the Rainbow puffle because of the issues with the tasks. I had to redo task 2 three times! Club Penguin has terrible customer support. I send them an email about the problem and they never responded! I was still able to get the puffle by logging into the server where I did the previous task.

Some people thought there weren't any free items for non-members at this party but if you completed all the tasks everyone could receive the Gourmet O'Berries.


Party Rating: 7/10
Did you like the Puffle Party this year?

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