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Friday, March 8, 2013

March 2013 Penguin Style Review

The new Penguin Style catalog came out on Wednesday night. I feel sorry for non-members. It doesn't look like they will ever get new items.

The new clothes look nice. I still dislike the new penguin design though.

 Boas are one of my favorite items! I've never been a fan of the checkered shoes. They look ugly and tacky to me.

Club Penguin brought back the old wigs, capes, and I-Love-My-Puffle shirts from last year. That's good for new penguins who didn't get the chance to buy them the first time.

To celebrate Red Nose Day in the United Kingdom, CP added a joke telling corner to the Coffee Shop and also some items in the Penguin Style. What I don't understand is why the Red Nose is in the Coffee Shop and here.

There are some St. Patrick's Day items close to the back of the catalog. I remember the old St. Patrick's Day parties. Those were the best.

Penguin Style Rating: 9/10

What do you think of the new clothing catalog?


  1. new catalog rules, if they updated the non-member clothing once in a while that'll be great...

  2. I love the new Penguin Style catalog - especially the new Red Nose day background. Great post!

  3. I love it! The way they did the colorful clothes really look cool they need more Non Member items tho. Awesome post - Flare

  4. Awesome Post! I am upset with CP since there is no new Puffle items. :( I like how you talked about all the pages and how you rated it. I I would rate it 7/10- needs new items. Nice post Supercuty! :D


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