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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Advertising Parties

There's only one more day until the official First Day of Summer! This is the season when Club Penguin has most of their "advertising" parties. Disney is advertising their latest movie, Monsters University, by having a Monsters University Takeover this month. I'm not really against this because I think it's okay for them to have a commercially themed party every once in a while, but now they're taking it too far. I found out from my friend, Ferdthebird, that the Club Penguin Support Team confirmed the Star Wars Takeover will be happening sometime this summer.

Credit to DavidP81MM and Club Penguin Cheats Crew
This is an outrage! I'm sick and tired of Club Penguin being unoriginal and uncreative by recycling ideas from pop culture. I was discussing this topic with Auwdwee242 and she said, "...Let's have our traditional parties, and maybe some polls for what other parties should happen." This is a great idea! Club Penguin actually had us vote for what party theme we wanted a couple of years ago in 2007 when they valued our opinion.

Do you like advertising parties?

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  1. I like the Star Wars series, but I partly agree, a Star Wars party might be completely ridiculous. I think CP does it for the people who are fans of the series, and they cater to them, completely forgetting about those who don't. I am excited for the party, but I see where you are coming from.


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