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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Card Jitsu Party 2013 Review

 I was going the name this post the "Celebration of Snow," but that name doesn't really fit the party. All Club Penguin did was recycle some old room designs from the 2011 Card Jitsu Party. Plus, the focus was more on Card Jitsu as a whole instead of the element of Snow. Now, on to the actual review!

This year's Card Jitsu party was awesome! I'm going to try my best not to be biased and post the facts and not just my one-sided opinion. I admit Club Penguin should have taken the time to design some new decorations more focused on Snow, but I loved the Card Jitsu Party in 2011 so I don't really mind. The good thing is we get to see the old Coffee Shop again!

I wish this party had latest forever. Oh, I came up with a better idea! What if Club Penguin made it so you could choose what past party you want to attend and you could be transported there? Maybe through one of Gary's inventions? It could be a permanent feature. I should email the Club Penguin Team about this.

Anyway back to the review. These are my other two favorite rooms.

The Pizza Parlor has been transformed into a restaurant. If only you could play actual music on the stage.

The Cove looks beautiful. I love the cherry blossom trees and the pond. This is what the limited time emotes look like. A lily pad emote would have been nice. There's a fortune cookie, chopsticks, and a tea pot.

Overall, this year's Card Jitsu party was okay. It would have been better if there were more snow themed decorations. I'm dropping half a point because of the old decorations and one point for Card Jitsu Snow (the reason this party happened) having tons of bugs and other issues.

Party Rating: 8.5/10

What did you think of this year's Card Jitsu party?

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