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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Guide to Being a Water, Snow, and Fire Ninja in Card Jitsu Snow

I don't normally write these kind of posts, but I'm feed up dealing with penguins who don't know how to play Card Jitsu Snow properly. Please listen to my advice. It will help you become a better ninja and make Sensei proud. This guide will be divided into three main parts based on the three types of ninjas: Water, Snow, and Fire. Let's get started.

Water Ninjas - You are the leader of the team so act like it! Don't be a wimp running away from Scrap. Waddle right up close to those snowmen and show them who's boss with your Water Hammer.

Snow Ninjas - You are the weakest of the three ninjas. Your main goal is not to fight, but defend by healing and reviving your fellow ninjas. Don't run up to Tusk's minions or you'll get killed very easily and your teammates will be left for dead like in this picture!
This is actually an example of when the Snow ninja quit the game early.
We need you to stay back, give us extra strength, and fight from a distance. You must learn to balance fighting (Tank is your best target since you can hit at a distance without him counteracting) and healing your teammates. The worst thing you can do is abandon them!

Fire Ninjas - You are not a Snow ninja so don't act like one! Your job is to assist the Water Ninja with fighting not hiding behind rocks like a coward. You have distance, like the Snow Ninja, so use it to your advantage. Always hit the the snowmen when you have the chance. Picture coming soon...
Example of good teamwork

Tip for all ninjas: Always do something even if it's just moving. Every little part helps. Remember no matter what kind of ninja you play you're equally important. We can only defeat Sly, Tank, Scrap, and Tusk if we work together with everyone doing their part.

Update: This picture was taken yesterday. I'm a Snow Ninja now!


  1. >:O Hey I only got 15 stamps! LOSE ONE OF YOUR STAMPS NOW!!

  2. Cool post, Supercuty!

  3. Thanks for the tips! Helped ne akot. (:

  4. Great Tips! Well done On Your Last Blog Post. It's Been An inspiration Having You In The club penguin community All These Years. Goodbye, You Will Be Missed By Many People Waddle Away :)

  5. I'm not quitting until July so I'll still post until then. Thank you for your kind words :)


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