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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Card Jitsu Snow: The Supreme Master Theory

A Spanish website posted some information about Card Jitsu Snow. You can read the English version here. They mentioned a soon-to-be character in Club Penguin named the Supreme Master who we will have to battle in the final round of Card Jitsu Snow. Not much is known about him. I did some research and found out from the Club Penguin Wiki that he's an enemy from Sensei's past and might be the leader of the evil snowmen. Some how they obtained a picture of him.

Look closely. Do you see the legs? The Supreme Master appears to be human! This will be the first human character on Club Penguin! My friend* came up with a really good theory that I'm going to share with you. Many years ago, Club Penguin was inhabited by humans, but they all left or died because of the arctic weather except the Supreme Master. Being alone on the island for such a long time caused him to become evil which is why he wants to destroy Sensei and the Dojo.
*Normally I would give credit but they requested to keep their identify a secret.

Who do you think the Supreme Master is?


  1. The Super Master is Sensei's Friend Tusk =)

  2. TUSK is EVIL ! Nooooooooooooo ! :(

  3. YOU FOUND ME!! :O


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