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Friday, May 17, 2013

May 2013 Penguin Style Review

Sorry for writing this late. I've been busy recently. Anyway this is my review of the May edition of Penguin Style! Just to let you know I'm biased toward anything ninja related. This has got to be the best clothing catalog so far this year. Check out all of the great items!

 Club Penguin brought back the element kimonos and added a Snow version. I've been waiting for one since they first came out in 2011! Now all we need is a Shadow one. (Shadow ninjas exist, right?)

Penguin wearing the Water kimono
Penguin wearing the Fire kimono


If you know me you know I never buy male clothes under any circumstances. These coats appear to be gender neutral so I brought the Earthquake version.

Subconscious message alert! Disney is practically famous for putting subconscious messages in their movies and now it's happening to Club Penguin! Think about the phase "street smart" for a few minutes. Comment with what comes to mind. UPDATE: I was notified by Bunny623 that there's another secret message on this page. Beware of what the girl penguin is looking at...

The Club Penguin team decided to be a little lazy by bringing back some old items. I know they are busy working on Card Jitsu Snow so I'll cut them some criticism this one time.

The sushi chef is a reference to Sushi Drop, the exclusive My Penguin game. Fun Fact: Club Penguin released a similar sushi outfit in 2011 for the Card Jitsu party. This is what it looked like.

Overall, this months Penguin Style is great! I love the Card Jistu inspired theme.

Catalog Rating: 9.5/10
Do you like the latest Penguin Style?


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  2. Awesome Post! I would rate it a 7. :D


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