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Friday, May 10, 2013

App Review: My Penguin

The start screen
The long awaited app My Penguin is finally here!!!! I was so tired this morning but I remembered it was released today which was my only motivation for getting out of bed. Unfortunately, people who don't have an iPad won't be able to download it right now. Sorry guys! Since I have one I wanted to show you all the cool things you can do on My Penguin.

 This is me playing Sushi Drop. It's a fun game that helps you earn coins with the sushi you earn by using My Penguin. Tip: Click on the "Blog" and "Videos" tabs on the home screen for bonus sushi. The first time you drop sushi into the big clam it will give you a former rare item!

Unfortunately, you can't earn stamps on My Penguin, but there are plenty of exclusive mobile items to make up for it in the special catalog. I blew all my coins buying items and had to log on Club Penguin from my computer to play Puffle Roundup to earn a few thousand coins. You can play Puffle Roundup on My Penguin too but it's harder.

I'm so glad these items finally came out. Some of them have been in Club Penguin's files since last year!
Non-members can buy the items on this page. My non-member penguin finally has hair now. The Purple Toque is so cute! Hopefully, I won't see pookies wearing it anytime soon.

Are the High Tops popular on Club Penguin? They should be. I have them in almost every color. Now I can add Green to my collection.

These clothes are okay. I only brought the girl stuff because I have the original outfit in purple and blue.

Pink High Tops - My favorite color is shoe combined! Thank God Club Penguin softened up on the new penguin design. It looks much better now without the huge behinds, pancake feet, etc. The eyes still look creepy though.

So far, you can play 4 mini games from Club Penguin on the app. The first is Pufflescape! I remember testing this game during the Beta Team. Back in my day, it was called "Rollerscape."

I've always disliked Puffle Rescue. It's the fastest way to get coins but you have to know where the hidden coin bags are. Plus there are too many levels. How can anyone remember how to beat them all?

Puffle Roundup is how I earn most of my coins. I'm surprised Club Penguin didn't update the puffle design. Chances are they never will which I think is good. It's nice to have a memory of old Club Penguin that's still in the game.

Ice Fishing is one of my favorite games. The only thing I don't like about the My Penguin version is you can't catch the Mullet for bonus coins! I guess Club Penguin decided not to have it because of Sushi Drop.

This has got to be the best feature in My Penguin. Throwing snowballs at your friends is pointless but also very fun. I've thrown dozens already. I got hit back once or twice but there's a bug where it doesn't notify who hit me. If you hit me comment so I can hit you back.

Overall, My Penguin is an amazing app and the best part is it's free! I feel sorry for people who can't download it. Club Penguin is planning to release it on more devices soon. Try to be patient.

App Rating: 9.5/10

Did you download My Penguin?


  1. It's Pufflescape not Puffle Launch :]

  2. I really want to have My Penguin, but I don't own an iPad. I only have an Android smartphone, so I guess that I'll have to wait until CP decides to release My penguin in the Play Store ( if they ever do that ) :P Good to know that you're still blogging :)

  3. I really want to have My Penguin, but I don't own an iPad. I have an Android smartphone so I guess I'll have to wait until Club Penguin decides to release the app in the Play Store ( if they ever do that ) :P Good to know that you're still blogging :)

  4. Actually I meant Puffle Roundup -.- thanks for telling me about the mistake.

  5. If only I had a Ipad ... :( I really like the new CP App :D Its soo cool :)


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