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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Monsters University Takeover Review

The Monsters University Takeover was pretty decent considering it advertised Disney and Pixar's latest movie Monsters University. I like how we got to choose the outcome of the Scare Games based on which team collected the most points. I was a member of Python Nu Kappa. Team Oozma Kappa won! I think the results might have been rigged. Take a look at the following picture.

I did some math and discovered Team OK had 539,203,150 more points then Team ROR, 563,643,850 more then Team PNK, and a whooping 813,532,575 more than Team JOX. Those are some huge numbers! OK had a serious lead over everyone else.

The actual game was fun although I didn't make it to the last level because of all the crazy obstacles: jack-in-the-boxes, balloons, trains, etc. Club Penguin's party games seem to be getting harder and harder every month.

I liked the room designs, but Club Penguin should have designed the entire island to celebrate. They haven't decorated that much for a party in years which is really sad. I think that's part of the reason modern parties get boring so soon. Here are some of the best rooms in my opinion.

The Coffee Shop
The Coffee Shop looks completely different. As you can see the counter was moved from the right to left and new furniture has been added.

The Pizza Parlor

What I like best about the Pizza Parlor is the pool table. I'm also glad they kept most of the booths. A popular room like this can get crowded a lot which makes it hard to find a table.

Overall, Club Penguin did a good job. The MU Takeover has a leading record for most free items at a party. I counted 7 pages filled with 36 member only items and 7 items for everyone. That's a total of 43 items! Earning points wasn't hard although beating certain levels was.

Party Rating: 8/10

What did you think of the Monsters University Takeover?

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