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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Puffle Digging

Warning: The following post is very negative. If you like Puffle Digging or have a problem with me bad mouthing Club Penguin I suggest you not read this.

Puffle Digging is by far the worst feature ever created in Club Penguin history!

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July 11, 2013 marks the day when rarity was destroyed forever. Countless rare items have been returned to the game, therefore losing their special status including, but not limited to, the 3D Glasses, Gnome, and (last but not least) the Geta Sandals. When I saw PH holding the Geta Sandals in the picture above I was devastated. It was one of my favorite items not just because it look great. but also because of its extreme rarity. During the Dig Out the Dojo project in 2008 they were only available for three days now anyone can get them! I find this very unfair.

New players will be able to trick people into thinking they're rare while older players like me won't have anything but stamps to proof our age by and even stamps aren't 100% accurate because some people didn't know about them until after they played Club Penguin for a while.

The actual digging is screwed up. On one hand I'm upset people can get former rare items, but on the other it's practically impossible to get them anyway! Every time I think I've found treasure it turns out to be coins and when I do get treasure, it turns out to be something I already have.

I discovered a faster way to puffle dig thanks to my awesome friend, Mt Orange! Instead of randomly walking around rooms dance or sit for a minute or two then walk. Your puffle should start digging right after. Credit to Icequix for telling me about the sitting part.

Tell me your experience with puffle digging in the comments.


  1. I agree! Club Penguin should of picked other items from maybe older penguin styles? Maybe from 2010-2012? Or pick other party items that not to many penguin liked? There are other ways CP could of did this. But anyways, awesome post! :D

  2. my friend sent a email to cp about watching a vid about old cp and when she got a message back from them they said they are gonna bring bak old items and they didnt even watch the video so yea thats why this is mostly happening

  3. I agree with your opinion in the 3rd paragraph. Even I dislike and still mostly disagree of "rarity" and it drives me insane, the return of the "rare' items won't show much proof of our penguin age or how long we've been playing CP. Pretty much the pins we have can convey how long we've been playing, though, but having the former "rare" items doesn't really show how "rare" our penguin is anymore and makes us less unique. That's pretty much the only few things I agree about "rarity," I admit with honesty.

    I know CP returns old items to give others chances to get their flippers on them, but I generally 50% agree and disagree with that.

  4. Nice post. The tip on how you get items does work! But, I have unsuccessfully been getting only 9 coins with my luck. Thanks though, and I totally agree.


  5. I honestly don't think that Puffle Digging is that bad of an idea, because, previsourly there was no actual reason why to pet puffles other than wanting them to play some game or just to pet them around for a few time.

    I actually do like the Puffle Digging Idea even if it meant for me many of my items becoming un-rare as it adds some depth to the stuff you can do with puffle and actually give the other players a felling of being able to fell what old players felt and making them fell a little more important. We can not un-agree that rarity was something that could even be a reason for the known "Penguin-Bullying" thing, which rift has slowly become more small as the year progress.

    I like how they can dig up for coins, even if sometimes its a such big amount that it almost replaces games, specially whit that trick you told that I already had discovered in a while, sometimes I feel the amount of coins should be smaller at random times. Sometimes I also feel some puffles are broken at some times with not being able to dig for a while while others dig a lot of times in a row.

    Again it really deepens on what you feel about your own rarity as for you, it is really important, as for me, its not really something I feel bad about losing.


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