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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Rockhopper's Whereabouts

Have you noticed Rockhopper hasn't made a visit to the island recently? Everyone's favorite pirate was last seen at the Holiday Party in December. That was over 6 months ago! Where could he be?

Maybe he got some kind of tropical sickness and has to recover on Rockhopper Island. I just had a bad thought. What if Herbert kidnapped him? That would be terrible! Putting my silly theories aside he's probably on his way to Club Penguin right now. Travel by ship can be unpredictable but hopefully he'll come to next month's party.

Do you miss Rockhopper?


  1. Yeah, I do miss him. I think he'll probably return at the "Summer Music Jam" Spike Hike mentioned a while ago. I sure hope so at least!

  2. Supercuty06 I miss you so much on Twitter,in fact I'm gonna trend something :'( -Firepup16


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