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Monday, February 18, 2013

Club Penguin Private Servers

In case you don't know, a Club Penguin Private Server (CPPS for short) is an illegal copy of CP that uses their .swf files along with other things to make it similar to the original game. Some people think that because playing Club Penguin without paying for a membership isn't legal that makes it illegal to play a CPPS but they forget that a private server is different from CP so I personally don't think it's wrong.

Me on Atlantic Penguin a popular CPPS
Do you play any CPPSes? If you do, or don't why?


  1. No. I vowed to never play a CPPS again. You are breaking the law too, the players and the makers Both are. It is extremely wrong and you should stop.

  2. Well if I never played one but there is ups and downs about it. Well the Ups is your playing Club Penguin Privately without moderators and alone most of the time. The down is that you and the creator can get into some big trouble since this is illegal!

  3. Actually only the maker can get in legal trouble. It's not illegal to play a CPPS, but it is illegal to make one.


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