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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hollywood Party 2013 Review

There were some good and bad parts about the Hollywood Party. The decorations were awesome but it would have been better if the whole island was dressed up. My favorite room was the Limo!

I recorded riding in it:

I hated all the pictures you had to take just to get three items. It took me the whole day off and on to get the Movie Camera! That was a lot of time I could have spent doing something else.

Also, there was a weird bug when I was take pictures. I don't remember what caused it but it made my penguin disappear!

I don't think Gary should've come. He was here just a few weeks ago at the Prehistoric Party. Does anyone remember back in the good old days when meeting a mascot was rare and special? Now you can just find them at preplanned meetups. The Awards Show was amazing! I won five awards...

But I'm terrible at dancing. This award was rigged!

I'm an amazing actress!


Overall I think the party was fun, but it could have been better. Party Rating: 8/10 

 What did you think of the Hollywood Party?

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