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Friday, February 22, 2013

Helping the Community

Hello, everyone!

My name is pgrytdal. I used to be a Club Penguin blogger by the name of Thekoolman3, but I havent blogged about Club Penguin in about a year. But, my wonderful friend Supercuty06 asked me if I could write a guest post for her blog, and I was more then happy to accept. =)

I would like to start off by telling you a little about myself.

As I said above, I my penguin used to be named Thekoolman3.

I am a Christian, I am a First Class Boy Scout, I am a Web Designer, I am an Open Source Enthusiast, and I like Dubstep.

Anyway, when Supercuty06 asked me to write a guest post, it took me a little time to figure out what I wanted to write about. I am not very good with coming up with topics for blog posts, so it took me a while to come up with one. Then, I asked myself: What was my favorite thing about Club Penguin? Then, it hit me. When I still played Club Penguin, I always loved just the sense of community Club Penguin had. There was a party every month, they decorated the rooms, and you always felt welcome. Unless, of course, Herbert was around... He wouldn't make you feel too welcome.

The thought of the Club Penguin Community got me thinking about Coins for Change, and how it didn't just effect the community of Club Penguin, it (and you) effected the entire world! It has been making safe places for people, been giving medical help to men, women and children all around the world, and been helping improve and protect the environment, for years! But, Coins for Change only happens once every year around Christmas time. Then I started thinking: What ways can we help people around the world, outside of Coins for Change?

In Boy Scouts, we have a saying: “Do a Good Turn Daily.” This can range everywhere from opening the door for someone at the store, to visiting a sick grandma or a child at a hospital, to donating your time at a local charity. And, I thought I would share some ways you could do a good turn daily, help your world community, or just do a random act of kindness.

I live on a farm, I'm Home Schooled, and my family only has one car at the moment. So, I don't get to go into town whenever I want, like [some of] you get to. But, whenever I do get the opportunity to go to town, I always try to open the door for someone. This is a random act of kindness, and people appreciate it a lot, even more then you might think.

Since I don't get to go into town much, I also get to use the computer a lot, to do my schoolwork, and to talk with my online friends on Twitter. Something I like to try and do here and there, is to tell someone something nice on Twitter. Such as (my favorite): “Just though you should know that God loves you today, and died on the cross, to save you! (John 3:16)” or “I hope you have a wonderful day!” Something like that.

Another thing you could do is ask you parents if you can volunteer at a charity (they are easy to find online through a Google search), or go see sick people at Hospitals and cheer them up.

Another is to use a Search Engine like Goodsearch that will donate a cent every time you search, or Swagbucks that lets you build up points, and has a monthly cause to you can donate to. (Both of these don't cost you a cent! But, they CAN make you feel good, and help better the community!)

Lastly, do what I have done. Join Boy/Cub Scouts, Campfire Scouts, or some other scouting programs. They give you a lot of opportunities to do service projects (etc) that will help people out. And, I'm positive your local church’s and schools could use some help as well!

Thank you, everyone! And, thank you Supercuty06 for letting me post!

Waddle on, and hope you have fun!


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  1. Nice to see you here, Parker. It's me, @iRealAvi. I hope you enjoy coming back to CP and blogging for Supercuty.


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