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Monday, January 7, 2013

Card Jitsu Shadow: When Will Shadow Ninjas Arrive on Club Penguin?

One of my sources told me that the Shadow Ninja items have been added back to the Club Penguin database after being deleted for a while. A couple of days ago I was on my Club Penguin test account playing Card Jitsu with someone and he used the Shadow Ninja power card!

Card Jitsu Shadow Ninja Power Card

I got this image from a video here
  About a year ago there was a rumor about a video with Happy77 wearing the Shadow Ninja outfit. Some people think it's fake. You can watch it here and decided for yourself:

I emailed Club Penguin Support and they said:


Greetings young grasshopper,

It's wonderful to hear from you. I can see that you are looking to extend your knowledge in the ninja arts. While I have never come across a 'Shadow Ninja' in my time on the island, I have heard many rumors of other penguins having caught a glimpse of this legendary figure.

Not much is known about the shadow ninja as this figure tends to be quite secretive. From what I've heard, you need only blink and you may miss your chance to see one. Until we unlock this secret, I'm not sure whether there could be a way of training towards this art. I wonder if Sensei could shed some light on this elusive legend for us? This may be a question that we'll need to ask him the next time we see him on the island.

For now, we wish you luck and guidance in your training and we welcome you to write to us with any other questions you might have. We are always happy to offer a fellow ninja a friendly flipper.

Best wishes,

Club Penguin Support

Hmm interesting...Also I recently found out about this video thanks to the same source who posted it on Club Penguin Wiki and told me about it. The video itself was posted on YouTube by the Portuguese moderator Gajotz. UPDATE: Someone just told me that the account is fake and not used by Club Penguin.

You can find out more information about Card Jitsu Shadow by clicking here. Last Friday someone asked Spike Hike if Card Jitsu Shadow will ever come out. This was his response:

When do you think Card Jitsu Shadow will come out?


  1. Actually that Gajotz's Youtube is Fake and its not powered by the Actual Club Penguin Team.

  2. I think it will come because I see that little black spot in the middle. From Wyatt F.

  3. I got that card too it's a glitch I din't use it yet -Melamb888


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