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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Holiday Party 2012 Review

Beware: This post could be my longest ever!

  This years Holiday Party was the best ever in all 5 that I've been to! It was so cool being able to turn into reindeer puffles and Frost Bites! I don't understand the race car though. It has nothing to do with Christmas. This is a video of me turning into a Frost Bite for the first time:

I'm sad that the new emotes will only be here for the party. Club Penguin should keep them!

the limited cookie emote
the limited music emote

the limited freezing emote
  The Christmas Countdown items were great! In my opinion, the best one is the Frost Bite Palace! It's so cool! I bet it might even become rare someday.


  Coins for Change was amazing this year. In 6 days we raised over 10 billion coins and the coin counter broke! The grand total was 13.7 billion! I'm glad playing a virtual game will help real people and our environment.

  Now I will tell you about some of the personal milestones and highlights for me during the Holiday Party 2012. I got Rockhopper's stamp on my main account. Now I have all the mascot stamps! Its weird that I had him on my friend's list but I didn't have the stamp. I was also able to add him on my test penguin! No, I'm not going to tell you the name of it. It's a secret.

Also, I earned all the stamps in Treasure Hunt!

  I had money to spare so after a year of waiting I finally got the "Epic Volunteer" stamp by giving
10,000 coins to Coins For Change.

  After tons of tries I finally got to the top of the Bakery! There's a snowball in the picture because went I first got there some girl got mad at me for knowing the secret and started throwing snowballs. Then she just left.

  The biggest highlight was when I met Graser for the first time and got to be in one of his videos! You can watch it below:

  If you can't see me I'm the Ice Princess dressed in all white. Did you know that Card Jitsu is my favorite game on Club Penguin? Well, I had a really rare experience when I was able to play it with Trainman1405 and I beat him!!!! That was one of the best moments I've ever had on CP. I'm glad I got evidence.

  Maybe I should schedule a meetup in case any of you want to challenge me. I have a secret system that works 90% of the time as long as I concentrate. Speaking of CJ challenges I once played Ninja O Dark but he beat me. I almost won but he had more power cards than me.

  The next week Trainman had a stamp earning party and I was finally able to get the extreme igloo stamp! It's a really hard stamp to earn because you need 30 penguins in your igloo to get it. I'm so glad he came to my igloo.

 Anyway that's everything that happened at the Holiday Party for me this year.

Did you enjoy it?

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