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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Club Penguin Armies

  Since many of you probably have no idea what Armies are I decided to do some research and find out. According to the Club Penguin Army Wiki  an army is a team or a group of penguins on CP that may use snowballs or clothing as a weapon during a war (with another army). Alternatively, they may be a peaceful activity group, and compete with minigames or with other armies in single-player games through scores. Some armies are terrorists, attacking random players at random times, and fighting Club Penguin itself. Armies will often have a specific uniform so that everybody will be recognized. Some Armies may become allies with each other and form an Alliance.

I had to opportunity to  talk to someone who's a former army member. She would like to keep her identity a secret. Here's what she had to say: Each army has ranks based on the Xat chat positions of Main, Owner, Mod, and Member. You have to be very active to get mod or owner. Only army leaders can become a Main Owner. There are websites that keep track of armies and rate them weekly in a top 10. The two largest ones are and

 Army's have allies and enemies. In a war, most armies will fight an enemy and sometimes bring in an ally to help. If an army fails by losing troops, servers in a war, or (I think) a leader closing it down, it is considered "dead."

I asked her why she first joined an army. She said they do this thing called "chat recruiting." She was on a Xat chat early last year and the person flattered her into joining the army by saying she was a "pro Club Penguin player" then he gave her the link to the armies chat and website. Eventually she quit because she was becoming popular and other people were asking her to join their armies and she couldn't say know. Over time she became apart of 7 different ones! She got overloaded with all of the army activity and didn't have time to do other things so she quit all of them.

So the point of all this is to get your thoughts on armies. Have you ever joined an army? Are you apart of one now? Do you like armies or do you think they're annoying and pointless? Tell me your opinion in the comments.


  1. I don't get the purpose of Club Penguin Armies.

  2. I've never actually been in an army but they sound quite good Mabye someday I will

  3. Skyupi9: I was part of the Club Penguin Army. They are really fun, but it can get serious and having the leaders yell at you. My army is consorted 'dead' and I am named as an Old Legacy in it. ;)


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