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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Penguin Design on Club Penguin

WARNING: The following content may not be suitable for kids under the age of 13.

In my opinion, the new penguin look is retarded! I think the art department was drunk when they designed it. There's a good chance that could actually be possible because a Club Penguin Staff member posted a picture of beer on Instagram and then locked his account when someone tweeted it. CP Staff shouldn't be allowed to drink during work hours. They can make critical mistakes like this design. If you haven't seen it yet here's a picture from the new Penguin Style catalog:

  The beak and feet look so weird and the eyes remind me of Mickey Mouse. Disney is trying to disnify our penguins! This is really bad, and it gets worse. There are some really strange subconscious messages in the catalog too.

  This two penguins look fairly innocent right? I never realized what it was truly saying until I saw this meme (I couldn't find the original so I made a similar one)...

CP Penguin Style Meme
  Also, have you seen the penguin below? Doesn't it look weird to you? At first, I was like why did they give one of the penguins hips, but most people think she's pregnant

  It would be beyond wrong if this was a foreshadowing of Club Penguin making it so penguins could have chicks (the name for baby penguins). I highly doubt that would happen though. Club Penguin isn't that crazy. At least, I don't think they are...

What do you think about the latest Penguin Style?


  1. Its just messed up. I totally agree with everything you think about them, its just horrible.

  2. I agree. Who posted a picture of beer tho? :P


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