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Friday, January 11, 2013

Famous Club Penguin Moderators Becoming Mascots

  According to Polo Field, moderators such as Spike Hike, Businesmoose, etc. will eventually become mascots. This is got to be the worst idea I have ever heard. Disney has been going some really dumb things but this just tops it all. The whole purpose of moderators logging on Club Penguin is to talk to players about the game and answer their questions. Now they will just be reduced to predetermined phrases that mean nothing. The only good thing about this is that you can get stamps for meeting them. I wonder if the actual mods will be controlling the mascots or someone else will.

Do you think famous moderators should become mascots?


  1. Ofc they will control, and they are becoming mascots so there list can be unlimited. And you can type your own messages as a mascot..

  2. What I think they meant when saying that they will become mascots is that they will only simply have the Unlimited Friends list and also have an available background, not about the preset phases, not all the actual mascots have them as seen in the Club Penguin Files.

    I find it curious to make them actual mascots in the terms of background and add them as much as you want, and actually believe its a good idea and encourages kids to look more for moderatores and interact with them as well as participating in the #PenguinDay (Eg. #SpikeSaturday)


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