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Monday, January 28, 2013

Card Jitsu Snow Beta Testing Coming in February!

Normally I don't post cheats or current events but I had to make an exception.
LET ME HEAR YOU MAKE SOME NOISE! Do you want to know why? Because there's been a post on the official Club Penguin blog saying you, that's right, YOU can beta test Card Jitsu Snow next month!!!! When I read it I screamed for joy and started shaking because I was so excited. My mom thought I was going to break the chair.

This is epic news! There's hasn't been a real Beta Testing project since the CPIP (Club Penguin Improvement Project) back in 2008. Unfortunately, even though I played CP during that time I missed out on it and never got the special red construction helmet. There was another minor testing project in 2011 called The Beta Team where you could play different concept games that may or may not be released in Club Penguin. You can still play them here. Anyway, back to Card Jitsu Snow. I've been waiting to it to come out for years! It should have been released in 2011 and that was a little over 2 years ago! I'm so glad we can finally play it.

Are you excited about beta testing Card Jitsu Snow?

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  1. Yes very excited I am a huge fan of card jitsu and I can't wait to beta test snow.


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