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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Prehistoric Party 2013 Review

  The party was awesome! It was so cool being able to turn into different dinosaurs. My favorite is the pteranodon. I've always wanted to fly since I was a little kid. You can watch a video of me turning into one here:

  Dino Dig has got to be the worst mini-game ever. It's just a one player version of Treasure Hunt with a twist. I got a little stressed out trying to collect every single egg in one session of playing. I failed, but at least I found the hardest one(for me) the next time I logged on thanks to one of my friends who told me which pit to dig in.

  My favorite room at this party was the Iceberg. Now we know why it's so hard to tip, there's a humongous dinosaur frozen inside! It looks like some kind of shark...

  I have a few small appearances in Graser's video walkthrough of the Prehistoric Party. See if you can find me:

Over all the Prehistoric Party was nice but they shouldn't do this every year. I don't think they will.

NOTE: Have you noticed this huge dino at comes out of nowhere at the Yuck Swamp? Weird...


Did you like the Prehistoric Party?

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